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where can you buy herbal ecstasy in usa, is there any stores that sell them?

Herbal Ecstasy, at least those that I have seen, contain ephedrine and caffeine.

Ephedrine is now illegal in most of the US and must be sold combined with a chemical called Guaifenesin as a Bronchial and Expectorant.

Herbal Ecstasy is nothing but an herbal form of amphetimine.

If you take too much, it can cause heart attack and stroke.

If used properly, it is a stimulant that can keep you awake and effects the seritonin production in your brain… Like all stimulants…

Legally, it is not legal to purchase anything containing Ephedrine or Ephedra if it is not combined with Guaifenesin


There are MANY MANY online shops that will ship it in plain paper packaging… Illegal but no one knows so who is gonna bust you?





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About Herbal Ecstasy

A stimulant?

Yes. The most “active” ingredients in most Herbal Ecstasy is a Chinese herb called Ephedra sinica (or Ma Huang). This herb has been used for thousands of years by Chinese herbalists as a medicine and a stimulant. The juice of the berry was used to alleviate respiratory problems, and today we continue to find it in asthma medicines, bronchial dilators and decongestants. Ephedra also increases basal metabolic rates and increases caloric burning during exercise. Ephedra works by stimulating the sympathetic division of the nervous system, acting in a similar fashion to amphetamines.

Mahuang, also known as ephedra sinica, is the plant source of ephedra, and can be found in health food stores. Ephedra preparations (capsules, tinctures, extracts and combinations) sold for their stimulant and broncho-dilating effects can be found in health food stores and from smart drug vendors (see Pseudoephedrine, a related pharmaceutical compound can be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy, but is not a replacement for ephedra because of its significantly different central nervous system effects.

Herbal Ecstasy

What are the street names/slang terms for
Herbal Ecstasy
Brand names for herbal ecstasy products include: Cloud 9, Rave Energy, Ultimate Xphoria.
What is Herbal Ecstasy ?
Herbal Ecstasy is a term used to describe a combination of herbs that are legal, inexpensive, and marketed as a “natural high.” Herbal Ecstasy can be purchased over the counter in drug stores, music stores, and shops around the country.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned the sale of dietary supplements containing ephedra (ephedrine alkaloids) due to concerns over their cardiovascular effects, including increased blood pressure and irregular heart rhythm. The final rule became effective on April 12, 2004. The rule does not pertain to drugs that contain chemically synthesized ephedrine, or to traditional Chinese herbal remedies and herbal teas.

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The Straight Dope On Herbal Ecstasy


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