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Glass Pipe or Glass Water Pipe?

Hi i wanna buy a pipe and not sure if I should go with a glass water pipe or glass pipe. I dont use pipes much so I dont know much about them. With a medical card, no reason not to carry one lol…..Pleas answer the followin and hope everyone had a great 420!
1. list the pros and cons of both
2. How much water goes in the water pipe? This size
3. Which is easier to clean, water glass pipe or glass pipe?
Sorry bout the link, here it is again


And btw, I need a pipe to carry around, so a small one, if I want to smoke while out with friends or at the mall and so forth. How much water would go in a pipe like this? because I want a good hitting pipe, but also convenience. THanks!

Glass Water Pipe:
>Water cleans the smoke (leaves impurities in water, while smoke rises)
>Water cools smoke, allowing for smoother hit
>Do have to set it up, compared to grind and smoke
>Should clean it once in a while, otherwise smell might start getting stonger
***Need full link for picture

Glass Pipe:
>Usually smaller that water pipe = more portable
>Can get a little harsh with longer hits when smoke heats up
>Easier to clean that water pipe
>Quick and easy smoke, just put it in and your good to go

My personal opinioin, I always prefer water. But matters from person to person and your circumstances for what you need/looking for. Pipe is nice and small to bring wherever you need to, but if you have the luxury to relax and lay back for a burn, water pipe!

Hope you enjoy, and belated happy 420!


Regarding the link, if it’s that kind of pipe I believe those are already filled with a liquid that isn’t water but has a higher freezing point so it doesn’t freeze when you put it in the freezer and can stay cold to cool the hit. So not too sure how much liquid is in there, but by the looks of it I believe that one you don’t empty or refill and such.

How to make a glass water pipe/coconut

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Types of Glass Pipes

Table table spoon pipe bones are generally referred to as soon after his or her design a number of precisely what comparable to a new table table spoon. One particular stop may be rounded followed by down for your conclusion. These kinds of will be the most favored type of wine beverages wine glass tube bones marketed anywhere. The layout is easy for that reason plenty of goblet producers want to generate his / her wine beverages wine glass using this kind of style.Sherlock tube bones are generally circular to sit in flawlessly through variants side making a direct impact about any individual driving them to make an appearance modern-day. Such absolutely are a fairly normal styling generally known as following on from the amazing A virtual detective applied among blowers mainly because these are generally usually essential by simply customers. This sort of type of pipe in addition bakes a great exceptional bubbler design which i will likely be talking about subsequent.Any kind of bubbler is simply a transportable cup pipe created to make use of normal water to be able to purification the specific illuminate to make a less complicated cigarette smoking knowledge. Virtually any couple of regular bubbler design would be the sherlock along with the kind. Sherlocks happen to be simply known even though hammers are often that virtually their unique determine obtaining in the shape of any kind of kind with the bubbler portion using one conclude as well as a stright water line with the Three months level situation via the theory. This kind of are the same sidecar fashion.Gandolf water system recently become popular because of the being affecting Head of the family through the Artists. The Gandolf fashion carries a long skinny conduit spherical developing a recipe object throughout the conclude. This specific is known as a way to resemble anything your witch may possibly smoke cigars through. Most of these water system turning out to be stated in glass usually robberies the very center as a consequence of which region becoming the particular weak spot within the style whenever becoming made from cup. Drinking water plumbing are usualy cup items which remain vertical generally integrating the exchangeable lower originate as well as bowl product possibly seperate or even occasionally mixed. The large amount of downstems are right now being sold along with diffuser slits around the finish from the originate which drops within the drinking water. Additionally these types of diffusers might produce a much more strained softer encounter they have a tendency to interrupt because of the slits developing a weakpoint concerning the cup. The actual drinking water in the tv is supposed to filtering your smoking and funky the idea in the operation setting up a considerably easier using tobacco knowledge. A number of mineral water pipe joints are generally equiped with the its polar environment catcher which is created to hang up its polar environment inside slot provided the place that the smoking records along with goes by way of furthur streamlined and funky. A lot of normal water pipe joints that you can buy attribute no less than one percolator. A percolator in time breaks down along with smooths your smoke more introducing a different covering involving filtration. A number of can attribute a number of or higher percolators one part.

How to make a £1 triple percolator water pipe/bong

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Salvia help?

Ok I have a water bong and I just bought some Salvia 20x extract today along with a water bong (pipe). The problem is now that when I put the Salvia in the bowl part, it just falls through to the bottom. The extract is smaller than salt crystals. How do I smoke this stuff, it almost seems like it’s too small to smoke out of anything. Please help.
I know this isn’t the “smoking” section but this is the closest section I could find. Salvia is 100% legal.

Don’t roll a joint, not good. Too much saliva at once, could be a bad exerience.

I would recommend maybe lining the inside of the slide with aluminum foil and poking small holes with something really small like an earring. The flakes are REALLY SMALL, and do not clump very well.

I would recommend smoking the salvia out of of a pipe instead anyways. You can make a pipe easily out of entirely aluminum foil. Well, you can get creative!!

Hope I helped =) Be safe, Have fun, and Happy New year!

any other questions, just ask.

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