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Here I will introduce you to hookah smoking and some of the most common questions in regard to these trendy accessories.

First and Foremost, What is a hookah?

It is a type of water pipe made for smoking flavored tobacco.

- It looks so exotic, why?
Westerners think that way because hookahs originated in the middle east, also many of them have colorful designs. You can find many types of hookahs in the market today.

- Tell me more about their origin.
Originally they were made from coconut shells, as a matter of fact the word it is derived from means coconut.

Why Use a Hookah?

Hookah Hookahs-Why do people use hookahs?

Because they consider it to be a pleasurable pastime, the smoke from the shisha is cooled before it is inhaled and its many flavors help in its worldwide acceptance.

Also because there are hookah bars available it makes it easier to socialize outdoors while smoking. Where with a bong you cannot.

It is also very important to notice that hookah is a social pastime, you can find these kind of smokers at a hookah bar.

Actually many individuals who like Goa trance enjoy using shisha. The Goa trance music was very popular in the 1960s and early 1970s just in case you were wondering.

In New York, India, Turkey or Europe; whether on a house or a cafe you will usually find two or more people around it.

- How many people can use hookahs?
It depends, there are individual ones that are lighter and smaller; some other hookahs that are bigger and with more weight can accommodate med and women around it.

- What is the etiquette smoking?
The hookah is always on the ground unlike other smoking pipes, even if it is a small one; never, ever light a cigar on the coals; only smoke shisha on it; never point the end of the hose to someone, in the Indian culture this is considered as insulting to everybody on the table, enjoy your session.

What is the Kind of Tobacco Used for a hookah?

It’s called shisha. But it’s not pure tobacco, it is a fantastic hookah herbal smoke blend of many ingredients but barely any chemicals; it is mixed with honey, sugar or treacle, added to this mixture is distilled water with fruit flavors.

- How does shisha smell like?
In a unique way; it is definitely not the same as the stuff found in cigars or cigarettes and the taste is much different. It is known numerous smokers trade their cigarettes for the mighty hookahs.

- How do I take care of my hookah?
The first thing for hookahs maintenance is cleaning them; after a session the shisha in the ceramic bowl must be cleansed, then warm water wash softly the ceramic bowl, tray, grommets, shaft and vase. dry with a soft tissue. Some say that hookahs are difficult to care of and they prefer using cheap bongs instead.

Buying a Hookah

- Before I buy a hookah, what should I be aware of?
When you consider buying you should know the place of origin first, many are made in China, traditional ones made by hand are made in countries in the middle east; then the materials used to make it, assembly line vs. traditional ones; then multiple hose options and of course, price. Don’t just go  onto a smoke shop online shopping for the hookahs that look pretty know the history of it.

- Where can I find hookahs to choose from and buy?
You have two choices to search for finding hookahs and other smoking pipes for sale, one is searching online for reputable smoke shops, the other is experiencing them firsthand in a middle eastern flea market or traditional coffee shop. Sometimes you’ll be able to find a cheap hookah but you will have to do a lot of research like asking an experienced smoker or those who sell hookah for a living.

There we have it, a complete Q&A session about hookahs, I hope you have a great time smoking, and don’t forget to enjoy as much as you can.


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